Is your tumble dryer a fire risk?

Landlords are you looking for a long term relationship with a tenant that truly respects your property?

Beware landlords and tenants. We have received notification through our industry that Hotpoint, Creda, Indesit, Proline and maybe some Whirlpool tumble dryers have a potentially serious fault which could result in the dryer catching fire. This issue effects dryers manufactured over the last eleven years!

We intend to undertake an audit of those properties that we manage. If you are a landlord or tenant in one of those properties or if you are a landlord in general you may undertake a quick check to see if the product in your home is one of those at risk.

To check whether this may affect your appliance we urge our landlords and tenants to do a quick check on the following:

We do not have records of serial numbers of products, but below is the information sent from the manufacturer advisng the effected products.

Whirlpool have provided a 3 point check system, to check whether the machines are good stock or not.

1. Check the Serial Number – If the serial number starts 510xxxx then this stock is GOOD STOCK and does not need to be returned.

2. If the product has its external packaging on, then please check the label. GOOD STOCK has a white text on a black label. Stock to be QUARANTINED has black text on a white label.

3. If the product does not have its external packaging, then locate the rating plate on the rear of the machine. If there is a GREEN sticker (in the shape of the dot) next to it, then this unit is GOOD STOCK.