Landlords are you unlucky in Love?

Perhaps you are a tenant looking for a short term fling in a fancy waterfront property?

Perhaps you are a landlord on the rebound from a previous relationship where your tenant just didn’t live up to your hopes?

Are you a tenant not loved or appreciated by your previous landlord?
If so maybe your Letting Agent should be helping…….
Letting Agents often play the role of ‘Cupid’ as they match landlords and their properties with tenants.. You could even say we are a Dating Agent for both!

Just like any dating agency you can cook up a ‘match made in heaven’ or a ‘match made in hell’. You can get it right or you can get it oh so very wrong! Lettings Agents are little different…..

Dating Agent
Under the pressure of targets from above, some have the ‘speed dating’ approach – pack the property with viewings, hope someone will stick and worry about the outcome later! Others fail to interview the prospective match properly and in doing so miss the most critical and obvious information. Is it little wonder that cracks show in the relationship and tenancies fail at the first hurdle!

Any relationship takes working on. There are highs and lows and rocky moments along the way. Is your letting agent up to managing these moments for you?
We do our job properly, we vet tenants thoroughly and we look after properties as if they were our own. We nurture the landlord and tenant relationship. Like a critical friend we intervene when things are going wrong. We are not frightened to talk plainly when it matters. Managing your property matters. Looking after the landlord and tenant relationship matters.
Sadly we currently have too many good quality tenants and not enough handsome properties to match them with. It reminds me of all those parties when I was younger – plenty of lads but too few girls.

If you are a landlord and can help with this mismatch of supply and demand we would be delighted to hear from you. We would be even more delighted to get hold of your property!