Garrin Webb BA (Hons) MBA



I was born and educated in Truro. I was a Manager of Barristers & Judges for 7 years, a Teacher of Business Education, Law & Geography for 3 years and Education Specialist & National Trainer for Charity Young Enterprise for 4 years. I am married to Alison and have two children Ella (7) & Harry (4).

Lettings & Property Management Experience & Skills

  • Ten years of Property Sales and Lettings experience in The Falmouth Region. I’ve taken on, let and managed several hundred properties. I have co-managed 10 staff and dealt with many thousands of property issues at Director level.
  • Property Lettings is a ‘people business’ – my strengths lie in understanding people and disarming conflict particularly at the end of a tenancy. I possess common sense, foresight, intuition, and property vigilance. I believe in my ability, depth of character, patience and tenacity to deal with most people and most problem situations.
  • As a landlord for more than 15 years I understand the motivations, the troubles and the fears of being one.
  • I am the only letting agent locally to have dealt with property sales for any meaningful period. I can ‘pick’ a bargain and provide advice to landlords seeking property investments.

What is really important to me?

  • To look after properties for others as if I were dealing with my own property.
  • To live the notion of ‘prevention being better than cure’. I deal with the most difficult thing first. In doing so it saves time, money and angst for Landlord, Tenant and Letting Agent.
  • For me old-fashioned values have never gone out of fashion. Business is about working hard, being innovative and demonstrating respect for others.