Mary Berry’s Letting Agent

March 19, 2016

I went around to a friends house over the weekend and we were looking at some old photos I had taken. I love these photos she said, you must have a really good camera? Not really I said, it’s one that cost a couple of hundred quid and anyone can buy it on the high street. This got me thinking – would anyone ever say to Mary Berry – that’s a great cake you’ve baked, you must have a fantastic oven? Or would you say to Alan Titchmarsh – that’s a fantastic garden design you must have a lovely spade? Would owning Rembrandt’s paint brushes mean you could paint like a Dutch Master? Would borrowing Ray Mears pocket knife mean you could lead a survival team into the jungle? What if you had Freddy Flintoffs’ cricket bat or Jamie Vardy’s football boots – does that guarantee you a ton of runs or a net full of goals?


What is it that ‘makes the difference’? The art of anything be it baking cakes, designing gardens or leading a survival team is embedded in the skills and quality of an expert. These skills are honed through hours of preparation, practice, and dedication.


Even then not just anyone can bake the best cake. It is not simply about the ingredients or the oven – it’s that magic alchemy that some people have and some do not. If I had Eric Clapton’s guitar or Stevie Wonders harmonica would I sound like either of them? Nope, not a chance. If I had Terry Wogan’s studio complete with headphones, microphone and swivel chair would I suddenly turn into the lilting mellifluous Irish Demi God of radio? (God rest his soul by the way) – No I most certainly would not.


The same could be said for the world of the letting agent. Anyone can put a board up outside a property, link up to Rightmove, put an advert in the paper and ‘hey presto’ the property is let. It is how you achieve the let and what you do when the tenants are in there what really counts. Anyone can spout about Section 21 Notices, EPC Certificates, Damp etc… and sound like they know what they are talking about. At Rainbow Lettings we have spent thousands of hours over a decade with hundreds of landlords practising our art in a bid to try and provide the best possible letting agent.. We aim to make a difference which is felt where it matters – in the pockets of landlords and in the well being of tenants.


We might not make the best cakes in the world, but we do have the ingredients that go together to make an exceedingly good letting agents.

Landlords are you unlucky in Love?

February 24, 2016

Perhaps you are a tenant looking for a short term fling in a fancy waterfront property?

Perhaps you are a landlord on the rebound from a previous relationship where your tenant just didn’t live up to your hopes?

Are you a tenant not loved or appreciated by your previous landlord?
If so maybe your Letting Agent should be helping…….
Letting Agents often play the role of ‘Cupid’ as they match landlords and their properties with tenants.. You could even say we are a Dating Agent for both!

Just like any dating agency you can cook up a ‘match made in heaven’ or a ‘match made in hell’. You can get it right or you can get it oh so very wrong! Lettings Agents are little different…..

Dating Agent
Under the pressure of targets from above, some have the ‘speed dating’ approach – pack the property with viewings, hope someone will stick and worry about the outcome later! Others fail to interview the prospective match properly and in doing so miss the most critical and obvious information. Is it little wonder that cracks show in the relationship and tenancies fail at the first hurdle!

Any relationship takes working on. There are highs and lows and rocky moments along the way. Is your letting agent up to managing these moments for you?
We do our job properly, we vet tenants thoroughly and we look after properties as if they were our own. We nurture the landlord and tenant relationship. Like a critical friend we intervene when things are going wrong. We are not frightened to talk plainly when it matters. Managing your property matters. Looking after the landlord and tenant relationship matters.
Sadly we currently have too many good quality tenants and not enough handsome properties to match them with. It reminds me of all those parties when I was younger – plenty of lads but too few girls.

If you are a landlord and can help with this mismatch of supply and demand we would be delighted to hear from you. We would be even more delighted to get hold of your property!

Is your tumble dryer a fire risk?

December 1, 2015

Landlords are you looking for a long term relationship with a tenant that truly respects your property?

Beware landlords and tenants. We have received notification through our industry that Hotpoint, Creda, Indesit, Proline and maybe some Whirlpool tumble dryers have a potentially serious fault which could result in the dryer catching fire. This issue effects dryers manufactured over the last eleven years!

We intend to undertake an audit of those properties that we manage. If you are a landlord or tenant in one of those properties or if you are a landlord in general you may undertake a quick check to see if the product in your home is one of those at risk.

To check whether this may affect your appliance we urge our landlords and tenants to do a quick check on the following:

We do not have records of serial numbers of products, but below is the information sent from the manufacturer advisng the effected products.

Whirlpool have provided a 3 point check system, to check whether the machines are good stock or not.

1. Check the Serial Number – If the serial number starts 510xxxx then this stock is GOOD STOCK and does not need to be returned.

2. If the product has its external packaging on, then please check the label. GOOD STOCK has a white text on a black label. Stock to be QUARANTINED has black text on a white label.

3. If the product does not have its external packaging, then locate the rating plate on the rear of the machine. If there is a GREEN sticker (in the shape of the dot) next to it, then this unit is GOOD STOCK.

Lettings Apprentice Position

April 28, 2015


Are you ready to begin the journey of your working life?

 We are looking to hire an ‘Apprentice with a Difference’ to look after our growing family of Landlords, Tenants and Properties.

 Next to our wives, children and clients you will be the most important person in our world. If you stick with us we will nurture, care, feed, and even pay you. If you are made of the ‘right stuff’, we will turn you into the next generation “Lettings Guru”. We promise you will be so transformed, even your own mother won’t recognise you!


A little bit about Rainbow Property


Rainbow Property started trading in January 2015 from their premises in Kimberley Park Road.


The founding directors are Paul Beevers and Garrin Webb. Although Rainbow Property is a new company, as individuals they have a long tradition as property professionals locally. They worked alongside each other for many years as the principal operating directors in the largest Letting and Property Management Company locally. Paul set up the operation in 2003 and Garrin joined him in 2009. They both left in 2014 to start the Rainbow Property revolution. They have managed, set up and looked after more properties, landlords and tenants than any other duo locally in the last 5 years.


Paul is a practicing Landlord and Tenant Solicitor having previously worked for top local law firm. Prior to becoming a property professional Garrin was a teacher and education specialist for business start-ups as well as a manager of Barristers and Judges. Both are mentors of young people and understand the value and potential of young people.


For them success isn’t just about the numbers. Their strapline Letting with a Difference is about quality and decency. Fundamentally it is about delivering the very best letting and property management service locally.


If you would like to be part of the vision then read on.


Job Specification


Day to day the successful candidate will deal with many aspects of Letting and Property Management. This includes Applicant Matching, Updating Window Display and Processing Tenants Application. You will also generally assist Lettings Negotiators and Directors with administrative tasks that support the new business. As your training and development progresses you will have an opportunity to carry out further aspects of Letting and Property Management including Viewings, Inspections and Maintenance.


Applicant Matching: Think about this as ‘property dating’ as you match the housing needs of potential tenants with available portfolio of property. This involves email, telephone and face-to-face communication as you progress leads from major property portals such as Rightmove.

Updating window display. Lettings Agents window display are a key part of how they project to customers. In conjunction with bespoke Lettings software package Jupix, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint is used to produce back- lit window cards and monitor display presentations.

Processing Tenancy Application. This involves progressing potential tenants through an application process from viewing through to moving in. This includes tenant referencing, registration of deposits, creation of tenant contracts and inventory creation.

Property Viewings. This involves taking potential tenants around properties and following up on those viewings with Landlord clients.

Property Inspections. This involves arranging, undertaking and reporting on property inspections.

Maintenance Management. This involves arranging quotes and repairs with contractors and following up with Landlord and Tenant clients.

Financial Management. This involves client accounting and paying landlords, contractors and taking payment from tenants for their rent and deposit. It also involves management accounting and balancing of costs and expenses, creation of profit and loss accounts and business projections.


Marketing of Property. This involves working with designers and others to produce newspaper adverts, and other advertising mediums as well as editorial for our website and blog.


Apprenticeship Qualifying Criteria


We intend to work with the National Apprenticeship Service and a local College of Further Education to deliver a specific Apprenticeship for the successful candidate. The Apprenticeship we propose can either be at the Intermediate Level 2 or Advanced Level 3, and will follow the principal Framework set out for the Property Sector.

In order to qualify for this apprenticeship the applicant should be in Education and at least 16 years old.


Person Specification


The successful candidate need not be academically gifted. They must be ‘bright’ and understand the importance of education and learning for success. They must have gained 5 GCSE’s including Mathematics and English Grades A* to C or equivalent.

The Lettings and Property Management industry, is one where you need to have a practical grasp of Mathematics. Algebra, Venn Diagrams and Pythagoras Theory are not part of our world. The ability to work out the cost of most things and the value of everything is more important.

A good command of written and spoken English is really important. The Lettings Industry is results driven. We are judged on the quality of what we say, do and write. An ability to express yourself orally and in writing will put you at a distinct advantage.

We are not looking for much – just someone that is exceptional, particularly in the ‘people skills’ department. Can you chat but also know when to shut up? Are you witty, charming, competitive, caring, decent, expressive, creative, resilient and hard working?

Are you an original thinker, self-sufficient and IT proficient?

A clean driving license is an advantage and if you have a rich uncle with a massive portfolio of property eager to transfer them over to us, this will help too!


What can we offer you?


There is no better feeling in our industry than finding a dream home for a client. There is real excitement in ‘pitting your wits’ against a competitor to win a new property instruction. There is much pride to be taken in avoiding a problem, solving a problem or turning a negative into a positive.

It is a job with highs and lows that feels more like a soap opera than the real world at times. Punch the air as you put your first deal together. Punch the wall as you see it fall apart! Whether it is a drama, tension, thrill or a spill that you seek you will experience it all, and you will never be bored.

 To start with, the wages are modest and just like the Directors you will be doing your fair share of tea making, filing and data inputting. Success doesn’t come easy or overnight.  On a daily basis you will tested and targeted both from within and by competitors and the forces of business in general. It is a tough job, and at times your brain will ache and your ego will feel bruised.

If you stick with it, and with us, we will teach you the secret of success and much much more. We aim to be your mentors and your role model and we hope to learn from you too. As we impart our knowledge and develop your skills we will help you grow as a person and will give you the ingredients to be the next generation ‘Letting Guru’. As we evolve, you will share the rewards too.


Your Mum won’t recognise you but she will love you more; your teachers won’t recognise you but they will respect you more!!!!


In short we will give you a career, a future and an opportunity to join us at the beginning of our journey.


Hours and Salary


Our office hours are 9am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 9.30 am to 1pm. Saturday working is undertaken on a Rota.

There will be day release within these working hours to undertake training that runs alongside this Apprenticeship.

Apprentices will get paid at least the minimum wage.


How do I apply?

In order to gain a viewing please apply with CV and covering letter to:

Directors Paul Beevers and Garrin Webb at:

Applications will close 30th June






Legionella Assessment – Another Bug Bear for Landlords?

March 19, 2015

LegislationLandlords have to contend with more legislation than ever these days. The trend towards governance and regulation holds no sign of abating. Are these just hoops to jump through, or are they requirements imposed for a reason?

The latest missive relates to the exciting subject of Assessment of Legionella. Hardly a subject to get the pulse racing it does have serious implications for landlords should your tenant contract legionella because of some perceived failure of you the landlord…….


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